Who can apply?

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for our free tools, teachers or school leaders will to meet certain criteria. If you do not meet all of the following requirements, we will be unable to process your application.

– Schools must be registered

– Must be an English medium school

– Schools need to be located in either Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad or Lucknow (Schools must be located within the boundaries of the main city and not on the outskirts)

We are unable to accept applications that do not meet this criteria. Certain tools may require some additional infrastructure. We suggest you go through the tools before applying to understand the requirements. Click here for information on our tools.

Other factors that we consider when processing applicants include:

– Teacher motivation

– Teacher availability and responsiveness

– School leader motivation

– School infrastructure (Dependent on the tool. Please read through our requirements before applying)


Please note: If you are a teacher willing to raise funds on your own, these restrictions may not apply to you. Please contact us separately and let us know you would like to raise funds yourself. You may email info@teachaclass.org for any questions or clarifications. To learn more about the cost of the tools, click here.