Theory of Change

Our goal is to ensure teachers feel empowered, rewarded and equipped to tackle changing classroom environments and diverse student learning profiles. This framework reflects the strategic direction of Teach A Class Foundation’s Education Programmes. Given the shortage of high-quality teachers in India, we have the unique opportunity to create a platform that skills more individuals to become teachers, incentivizes them to continue in the profession and rewards them through recognition and tools to keep experimenting.

Our beliefs

1. Teachers are key stakeholders in the learning journey of a child

2. A good teacher can outperform any technology tool

3. Teachers are not given the relevant training, support and resources needed

4. Teachers in low-income schools are also not adequately incentivized by school leaders to take the initiative

5. We need to make it easier for teachers to leverage the best support and tools out there to achieve their full potential

Strengthen capacity

Provide teachers with training and coaching for 2 years on new technology tools and skills that increase their impact in classroom and their employability


Reward high-performing teachers by connecting them to grants and newer innovations for their classrooms

Increase employability

Certify teachers for new skills that become transferable across schools. As demand for new skills grow, more teachers can enter into the system.