Enrich the professional lives of your teachers and drive learning outcomes for students

We provide training on classroom management, curriculum deployment, technology, and pedagogy models.

For School Owners and Administrators

A school cannot be effective without a strong leader. Schools rely on leadership to explore and harness the power of technology to maximize learning, improve teacher effectiveness, and reinvent school-wide systems. At Zaya, we help principals understand the revolution that our technology can catalyze in their schools. We also provide in-depth training on implementation and establishment of blended learning models in schools.

How we can help you

• 1-5 day workshops, hands-on training
• Training videos and online platforms
• On the job coaching and training
• Classroom observations, monitoring, and evaluation


Pedagogy – Blended learning

This module helps teachers understand and implement the blended learning model, which combines face-to-face and online learning in their classrooms.

Curriculum and Assessment

This module helps teachers deepen their understanding about the role of assessment and learn about the connection between assessment and data-driven planning.


Classroom Management

This module exposes teachers to various classroom management tactics that help build a positive and effective learning environment, creating the ideal backdrop for blended learning.

Technology and Child-Centric Training

Teachers are introduced to a variety of practical teaching strategies while using our technology that can differentiate learning in their classrooms. Areas covered include multiple intelligence, grouping and learning styles, and student-centered learning.