A formative assessment system that helps teachers with real-time feedback in the classroom

Why PiCards?

In schools today, there are a lack of teaching aids that allow teachers to quickly (and accurately) assess comprehension levels of their students. While teachers have a general idea of whether a majority has understood a lesson, there is no easy way for them to assess the different learning levels of all the students in their class.

What are PiCards?

PiCards are a classroom feedback collection and reporting solution that helps teachers assess comprehension levels in a classroom in real-time. After introducing a lesson, teachers conduct a quick poll and students hold up PiCards with their answers - which are instantly recorded through a mobile phone. Responses are synced to an analytics platform where student data is recorded to give teachers an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of every student.

How will it help teachers?

Teachers gain an clear picture of what their class has understood in a very simple and quick way. Results for every student are stored on the platform and can be used to structure future lessons and give teachers an accurate picture of what topics need to be revised. PiCards also encourages student participation and increases activity in the classroom.

What does the programme include?

The programme includes PiCards for the students as well as a mobile application for teachers, schools and parents. The teacher's app includes an attendance tracker, feedback and quizzes along with basic analytics. Schools can track overall class data and manage teachers and students. The Parents’ app allows parents to track their child's with attendance and performance in school.

What do you need to apply for this program?

1. Smartphone 2. Mobile data

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