Personalised Learning Programme

Ensuring teachers fulfill the potential of every student in their class through self-paced learning

Why Personalised Learning?

Every child learns at a different pace. While some students grasp concepts quickly, others need more time and practice to understand the same concept. Traditional methods of schooling are designed to cater to the average student, which means that some learners are left behind, while others may become quickly bored during class. Personalised learning allows teachers to facilitate the learning of every child in a classroom and ensures that all students grasp a topic entirely before moving on to the next. This increases a teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom and helps her gain a clear understanding of every student’s progress.

What is the ClassCloud?

Teach A Class uses the ClassCloud device to deliver personalised learning in schools. It is a box that can store, access, and screen content in classrooms without the need for an internet connection – ideal for classrooms in remote regions with little or no connectivity. It also saves on internet costs and setup – making it more affordable for low-income or government schools. Students can connect to the ClassCloud on tablets to learn English, Maths and EVS by watching videos and doing practice tests. The system also awards students with points and badges and makes learning fun and interactive. Teachers can use the device to plan lessons and review both individual and class progress.

How will it help teachers?

The platform enables a balanced self-paced learning environment with resources and curriculum designed to allow a granular level of progression. Teachers will be able to understand the level and pace at which their students are learning and direct their attention accordingly. Since the platform is digital, detailed reports will give teachers a clear idea of classroom progress without them having to spend hours compiling data – freeing up more time for teachers to do what they do best: teach.

What do we do?

● We support teachers to use the device through trainings, workshops, regular classroom visits and troubleshooting ● Our implementation team also works with teachers to provide playlists and relevant content based on a teacher’s lesson plan and the school curriculum ● We also provide teachers with customised classroom design and seating arrangements to ensure maximum learning

Where are we now?

A study conducted by Gray Matters India to measure the impact of the personalised learning platform on students revealed that students improved by an average of 20% in English and 8% in Maths in one year alone. Currently Teach A Class is implementing the programme in 32 schools across India including places such as Lucknow, Uttarakhand, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

What do you need to apply for this program?

1. A minimum of 20 fully functioning tablets or 10 fully functioning computers (with a fully installed Local Area Network connection). 2. Headphones or earphones for each computer or tablet. 3. Stable Electricity 4. Enough charging points to keep the tablets charged (Spike guard or charging cabinet)

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