inClass Science Kits

Innovative science kits that help teachers make science fun, interactive and memorable

Why Science kits?

The way Science is currently taught in our classrooms allows children no room for experimentation or exploration. This rote learning approach fails to instill creativity or curiosity and causes most to lose interest in the subject. According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of the jobs created in the next decade will require some form of math and science skill. Despite having top quality talent, the exam-focused education model of the past has limited students when it comes to innovation, problem-solving and creativity. Research shows that children develop interest in STEM fields at an average age of eight but the leap from being a user of technology to an innovator rarely happens and, if at all, it is a very slow transition. Science labs in school can be key to helping children develop and sustain an interest in science and technology.

What is inClass?

Experifun started the inClass Science Kits to create innovative thinkers. Their products aim to break through the monotonous learning environment in classrooms today and provide a platform for teachers and students to observe, explore and learn. The inClass kits provide teachers with tools to conduct experiments mapped to their syllabus, lesson plans and training and support.

How is it unique?

- The kit covers more than 250 science concepts. - Easily mapped to syllabus (State boards, CBSE and ICSE) - Products are very handy, easy to carry and sturdy to use in classroom - Provides teachers with hands-on training and support - Includes lesson plans, manual and CD to help teachers integrate the products in their teaching - No existing infrastructure needed

How will it help teachers?

Experifun's Science kit will help teachers create an enabling, interactive and exploratory learning environment for their children. The hands-on training program will also build teacher's capacity in handling experiments and explaining concepts. The experiments will increase student attention, encourage student participation in class and help in retention of key concepts.

What do you need to apply for this program?

Only schools that do not already have Science Labs or kits will be eligible to apply for the program. Learn more about our requirements by visiting

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