English Language Programme

Improving English language skills and literacy through customised content created by researchers and language experts

Why learn English?

Learning English in India can be a crucial stepping stone for a child to succeed in life. One of the many reasons behind this being the employability opportunities it offers. Unfortunately, the current system does not adequately train thousands of children who are learning the language today. English textbooks are ridden with errors, there is hardly any focus on conversational skills and teachers do not receive enough training themselves.

What does the English Learning programme do?

Our English Language Learning program is designed for English-as-a-second-language learners from STDs I-V. The program uses a proprietary software application English Duniya (‘English World’) loaded on a box that allows schools to access the content offline.The application contains more than 500, skill-based lessons and instructional tools and integrates essential elements necessary for quality e-learning, including custom-built lessons,interactive instructional content and regular assessments.The programme addresses key components of language learning including, grammar, listening,reading and vocabulary skills. Since it is key for children to learn new languages through their own mother tongue, the content on our platform uses regional languages such as Hindi,Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali,Telugu,Tamil and Kannada to teach English skills.

How will it help teachers?

Teachers can access over 250 hours of content which address problem-areas like conversational English and pronunciation – ensuring that students can not only read and write but also speak correctly.Along with content, teachers can use our lesson plan application to receive guided plans for different topics within the subject. While the current programme uses content along with curated lesson plans, students are also encouraged to use the online version, English Duniya, on their parents phones at home to supplement and reinforce their learning.

Where are we now?

Our English learning programme is now being delivered through both personalised learning and a one-to-many model in schools across India. The online application of the programme, English Duniya, is being used in more than 14 Indian cities. More than 12,000 students have completed more than 28,000 lessons online.

What do you need to apply for this program?

1. A working TV or projector 2. Necessary cable to connect the android stick to the TV. 3. Stable electricity

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