Digital Library Programme

Providing relevant educational resources for teachers to supplement learning and increase classroom interaction

Why Digital Libraries?

A digital library gives teachers access to quality resources through a digital library of books, videos and lesson plans that can supplement curriculum and enhance reading ability and student engagement. Going digital means teachers and students can learn and read books at a the fraction of the cost while also enabling us to track usage and learning outcomes clearly.

What is the SchoolWiFi?

Teach A Class uses SchoolWiFi, a device that stores and plays content, to deliver quality educational resources to the last mile. SchoolWiFi allows teachers to access videos and stories over a wireless network without the need for the internet. Pre-loaded with learning material,teachers can use this to supplement their teaching and keep children engaged.

How will it help teachers?

Teachers can supplement their lessons with interesting videos and stories found on the platform - proven to improve learning and reading ability. Learning through videos or reading aloud together and supplementing textbooks with interesting clips also increases classroom interaction and student engagement. Content is aligned to the school curricula, making it easy for teachers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

What do we do?

Sourcing relevant content for teachers is critical since the volume of information available can get overwhelming and prevent many from using most digital libraries. Teach A Class works with teachers to plan their lessons and selects content tailored to their syllabus and needs. Our implementation team also trains teachers on how to use the device, conducts workshops and visits schools regularly to provide support.

What do you need to apply for this program?

1. A TV or projector and screen. 2. An HDMI cable for a TV or VGA cable for projector. 3. Speakers 4. Stable electricity.

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