Why motivated teachers?

Providing active support and an enabling culture for the professional development of India’s nine million teachers is perhaps the most urgent intervention required to improve the quality of education in the country. And yet, teachers continue to be the ones least incentivised, supported and rewarded for their work. To improve education in the country, it is critical that teachers receive resources, both financial and professional to help their students learn better. Teach A Class aims to harness the power of motivated teachers – enabling them to stay motivated in the classroom and help children learn better.


Teachers reach out to us through partner organisations or directly on our website. Once a teacher applies for a programme, we conduct due diligence to assess the readiness of a teacher and the capability of her classroom or school. The detailed information collected about schools are to help us understand which programme would suit their needs best and plan our strategy with teachers accordingly. Once a teacher has been selected, we work with her to develop her story and upload it on our platform to begin raising funds.


Once a campaign is live, a teacher is ready to receive funds! Campaigns go live on our platform for a 6-month period during which we raise funds through individual and corporate donations. We sometimes receive funding for teachers through various grants. Teachers can also raise funds for their class through their own networks. Donors are encouraged to get involved with the teachers they support through school visits and mentorship opportunities. We aim to create a thriving community of donors that are committed to supporting teachers and engage with them at every stage of the programme.

Teacher training and implementation support

Our key focus is to train teachers with skills that increase their impact in the classroom. We work closely with teachers to strengthen their capacity and incentivise them by connecting high-performing teachers to grants and new innovations. Throughout the programme teachers receive support from our on-ground implementation team, in the form of lesson plans, troubleshooting and training. Our teacher certification programme also helps build teacher qualifications and improves employability.

Measuring impact

Understanding what contributes to effective learning, and how teachers and students alike benefit from our programmes is what guides our M&E. Our implementation team works closely with teachers to ensure that projects are monitored at all stages through regular reporting procedures and school visits. We also involve donors by sharing milestones and results of the campaigns they’ve chosen to support. Teach A Class is currently in the process of creating an M&E platform which will collate a database of effective education programs to influence decision-makers and donors to fund and implement successful programs. Click here to learn more.