Involving donors at every stage

Supporting teachers on our platform means you’re part of a community of people passionate about education and giving. Here’s all you need to know about our engagement with donors.

Teaching with teachers

Our focus on creating close connections between teachers and their supporters is what makes donating to Teach A Class different. When you give to Teach A Class, you don’t just support a teacher, but embark on a journey of teaching with her.

Sustaining our thriving community of donors means that we involve you at every stage of implementation and keep you regularly updated on a teacher’s progress in the classroom.

What should you expect as a donor?

After funding a programme, donors are notified when a teacher receives the tools and a programme begins. We also share photos and stories of the trainings we conduct with teachers, along with regular updates of their progress.

You will also receive our annual report as well as detailed case studies of our programmes, where we discuss our learnings and the impact of our work with teachers.

From our community

Here’s what our donors, teachers and others part of our community had to say about their superhero teachers! (videos and testimonials from our donors and teachers)

Dr. Aditya Daftary

Aditya talks about his teacher who reminds him of Professor X from the X-Men

Swetha Pandey

Swetha, a teacher at Ascend International, speaks about her favourite part of school

Sneha Menon

Sneha tells us about her favourite teacher, Ms. Ketki who taught her history