Have a question? Here’s all you need to know about how we work.

Teach A Class is a not-for-profit organisation that is registered in both India and the United States. We connect motivated teachers across India to a community of active donors, enabling them to raise funds for innovative tools to improve their effectiveness and help students learn better.
Teach A Class has a list of educational tools that we believe would benefit a teacher. Each of these tools offers teachers useful resources for their classrooms along with training and support for teachers to use the tools. You can raise money for any one of the resources available on our platform. Click here to view the tools we offer.
To apply for our free tools, teachers or school leaders will to meet certain criteria. If you do not meet all of the following requirements, we will be unable to process your application.
  • Schools must be registered
  • Must be an English medium school
  • Schools need to be located in either Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad or Lucknow (Schools must be located within the boundaries of the main city and not on the outskirts)
We are unable to accept applications that do not meet this criteria. Click here to view our detailed eligibility criteria. Please note: If you are a teacher willing to raise funds on your own, these restrictions may not apply to you. Please contact us separately and let us know you would like to raise funds yourself. You may email info@teachaclass.org for any questions or clarifications.
It is a process of raising a lot of money in small donations from a large group of known or unknown people (friends, family, relatives and colleagues, people in your neighborhood or complete strangers!).
That’s easy. We’re a great platform because: 1. We’re the first fundraising platform in India that focuses exclusively on education and teachers 2. We don’t just help teachers raise funds, we also provide them with training and implementation support 3. All our programmes are data-driven with analytics to prove usage and progress 4. We offer transparency and accountability to donors on the deployment of their funds
Start a fundraiser: Raise funds for your school or classroom Make a donation: Browse fundraisers and make a donation to a campaign you feel for Support a cause: Share a fundraising page on your social media and get your friends and family to support a teacher today.
To Start a Fundraiser, follow these steps: Sign up on Teach A Class by filling in the form here (hyperlink to apply page) A member of our team will get in touch with you and ask you for more details. If you meet our criteria, you can submit your full story to Teach A Class with images of your classroom. We will also work with you to develop your campaign and help you write your story. Once this is complete, your campaign goes live!
Currently we cannot support this capability on our platform. However, if your friend is a teacher, tell them about us and help them start a campaign instead! All teachers are welcome to raise funds for their classrooms.
The money you raise goes directly to the Teach A Class bank account. We update your campaign page as soon as donations are received and will inform you when you reach certain goals. However, you will not be able to receive the money directly. Only once a campaign is fully funded will you receive the tool and begin the programme you requested funding for.
A Teach A Class campaign features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are donors’ online payments safe, money raised for a campaign is stored securely until you reach your goal and the tool is dispatched to you.
A campaign on Teach A Class can stay open for 6 months or 90 days from the last date of donation, whichever comes first.
Once you have decided to raise funds for a particular programme, your goal is automatically set. You cannot change the amount you need to raise as this is determined by the programme you wish you implement in your school.
Yes. Two or more teachers from the same school can raise funds for their class through Teach A Class. However, the same teacher cannot raise funds for two programmes, you must pick only one.
Yes. But it will not be visible to anyone on the website.
A campaign will remain open for 6 months or 90 days from the last date of donation, whichever comes first.
Yes. But it will not be visible to anyone on the website
You will receive an email from Teach A Class when someone has donated funds to your campaign.
Yes. You can only request funding for a specific programme, the cost of which is mentioned on the website. Unfortunately we are unable to support requests for additional funding at this time.
The excess funds are returned to the donor in the form of credits. The donor is then free to donate these credits to a campaign of their choice. We cannot allocate the additional funds to a campaign once it is fully funded.
If you do not manage to raise enough money to meet your target amount within 6 months, Teach A Class will review your campaign. In some circumstances, we may choose to assist you in funding your campaign. If this is not possible, your campaign will be closed and the funds already present will be returned to donors in the form of credits to be donated towards another campaign. You will not receive the money already donated to your campaign unless your campaign is fully funded.
Yes. Reach out to us on info@teachaclass.org and we can help you with this.
If you would like to know who donated to your class, write to us on info@teachaclass.org.
You can apply here, to start a fundraising page for your class. We will ask you to fill up a detailed form and once your information is verified, we work with you to develop your story and post your campaign on our platform. After your page is up, you may invite your friends and family to contribute towards your cause and ask them to spread the word by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Once you reach your goal amount for the programme you requested, the tool will then be delivered to you and the programme can begin.
Once you reach a certain percentage of your campaign, Teach A Class will market your campaign and help you raise funds through our sources. However, you are also encouraged to try and raise funds for your campaign.
The practice of making monthly, automated fixed donations to an organisation or cause that you support.
Monthly giving helps you budget and make an affordable automatic tax-deductible gift - ensuring that your support is planned throughout the year - instead of during the high giving seasons from November to January. It shows you are committed to the cause you support and allows organisations like Teach A Class to reach out to teachers more efficiently.
If you wish to make a monthly donation to Teach A Class you will need to write to us with the amount you wish to donate every month. Our email address is info@teachaclass.org.
You can be a monthly donor for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months or 60 months.
Yes you can. Email us on info@teachaclass.org with a request to terminate your monthly donation.
Yes. You may donate monthly, yearly or even give us a one-time donation. Every type of donation is appreciated.
If you choose to be a monthly donor, the minimum amount you can donate as is INR 500. For one-time donations there is no minimum amount, but we recommend you give not less than INR 100.
Yes, if you are a monthly donor, you may write to us on info@teachaclass.org, requesting a change in your monthly donation amount. If you have made a one-time donation, it is not possible to change the amount you have already contributed to Teach A Class.
Currently, Paytm and direct payments to the Teach A Class' bank account are accepted. You may also donate via cheque or cash by writing to us. We are working on getting various other payment gateways on our platform for your benefit.
You may use the cards accepted by Paytm. If you are transferring money directly from your bank you will need your card to verify your details, but for this any card will work.
No. Simply follow the donation process after clicking on ‘Donate’ on one of our campaigns.
Yes, for Indian donors Teach A Class will send you an email receipt for all donations received along with your tax-deductible 80G certificate. If you are donating in dollars we will send you a donation receipt with which you can claim tax benefits.
Yes, a refund request can be initiated via email within 48 hours of your contribution. Please note that all payments are refunded as credits - we do not refund the amount back to your account. With the credits, donors can choose to fund any other campaign of their choice. Once Teach A Class has initiated the programme with the campaigner, Teach A Class shall be discharged of any/all liabilities and no refunds shall be processed thereafter.
Once your goal is reached, a representative from Teach A Class will get in touch with you and ship the tool requested to your school.
Depending on your location, it will take a maximum of 3 weeks for the tool you requested to reach you. Once you have received the tool our implementation team will be in touch with you to provide training and initiate the programme.
Yes. Please get in touch with us on info@teachaclass.org for queries on how to do this.
Yes. We are a certified 501(c)(3) organisation in the United States as well. If you pay tax in the US your donation will be tax exempt. We accept donations in both Indian rupees and US dollars.
Teach A Class is a platform that empowers anyone to give to or start social fundraisers for schools and classrooms in need. One of our differentiating factors is that we aim to convert people from donors to those raising funds for various nonprofits that have the highest impact, transparency, and passion to serve the community. If you have a programme that benefits teachers and schools and would like to raise funds for it, we’d be happy to help. To raise funds on Teach A Class, all NGOs have to go through a due diligence process and submit essential information and documents. We take around 1-2 days from the receipt of information to screen all NGOs and will contact you for more information or clarifications (if required). After an NGO is approved, Teach A Class sends a fundraiser contract with terms and conditions. After the contract is executed, the approved NGOs can create a fundraiser on our website.
All NGOs must share the following documents with Teach A Class: • Certificate of Incorporation Document/Registration Certificate/Trust Deed/Society Seed* • PAN Card Copy* • 80G Registration Certificate(if applicable) • 12A Certificate (if applicable) • Bank Account Information for Indian donations* • FCRA Certificate and bank details (if applicable) • List of Directors with relevant government ID proof • Registered Office Address • Authorisation Letter* *These documents are mandatory
Please email these documents to info@teachaclass.org. Clearly mention your organization name and state the purpose in the subject line. (Eg: Teach A Class Foundation )
No. The 80G tax exemption certificate will be issued to Indian donors by us.