A teacher for every student.

Zaya Learning Labs has partnered with Teach A Class Foundation to implement technology endabled learning in low-income learning environments.

Many companies value supporting education and are constantly striving to find the best ways to engage.

However, it is not usually clear if these interventions are improving learning outcomes sustainably or at scale.

One promising area for impact is education technology, which enables blended learning in classrooms.
Common Problems with a Traditional Approach
  • High variability in teacher quality
  • ‘One size fits all’ rote instruction
  • High variability in content quality
  • Little/no measurement of student performance
  • Pedagogy/content unresponsive to performance data
Children We Serve

Our mission is to improve learning outcomes. Zaya’s Foundation, Teach A Class, has worked with over 60,000 students over 5 years by integrating technology into their day-to-day learning. We work with students from grades 1 to 5 in both affordable private schools and government schools. We are also one of the only organizations that has successfully deployed a tablet-based learning model in low-income schools with students using technology to learn everyday. Don’t believe us? We have data to prove it. With over 500,000 hours of learning every year, we have increased the learning levels in schools where teachers are constantly absent.

Where We Work
  • LabKits in 200+ schools in India and across the globe


Models of Working with CSR Programs

We can tailor a program for your needs as long as it works for the students we serve. Our Foundation has worked with partners in several projects including:

Outcomes-based Financing of Blended programs

Zaya’s Foundation, Teach A Class identifies schools that are best equipped for implementing technology in classrooms. We conduct school audits and assessments of the students as part of this process. With your support, we then lease LabKits to these schools. Each school sets up outcome-based goals for teachers and students. Over a period of 2-3 years, we help schools integrate technology to attain their learning outcome goals. The schools also invest capital over the 2 years which covers the support costs for helping them reach their goals. We constantly monitor schools progress and provide them with the support needed to succeed. After 2 years, the schools get to own the LabKit if they meet their targets.

Previous Client: DBS Bank, Porticus International

Setting up Blended Learning Labs in Government schools

As part of your CSR program, you can sponsor a blended learning lab in a school of your choice. If you want us to work with you to identify schools, we can facilitate this selection process through our network of Affordable Schools and Government Schools.

Through this program we support the school with:

  • Technology integration into their curriculum
  • Teacher training and support
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation
  • Monthly reporting of student outcomes to corporate
  • Annual report on student usage and teacher usage

Your role as an organisation will be limited to providing funds for the Labkits and engaging with the TAC Foundation for reporting.

Past Clients : Canadian Government, ING Foundation, ATMA Foundation

Setting up English and Math Remedial Programs

Zaya Learning Labs has a robust remedial learning program – English Help and Math Box – which can be deployed anywhere in India.  If you identify schools or regions that could benefit from one of these products or School Wifi, we can work with you to set up programs in schools or communities.

In the past, we have worked with foundations and CSR programs to deploy our Math Box product in several low-income schools.

Here is a suite of products that we offer :

Sponsor a Lab
Past Clients : Hope Foundation, Grey Matter India, Rotary Club of Mumbai

Re-Using Old ICT Investments for New Learning Projects

There are millions of computers collecting dust in schools. These products were donated to schools or community centers with the good intentions and promise of improving education.  Unfortunately, these devices did not have and end-to-end solution to deliver content and training for maximizing the return on investments.

We work with CSR programs and foundations who have previously donated devices like tablets and computers to schools to recycle these digital devices into fully functional learning spaces.

How This Works:

  1. You select a school which has an existing lab
  2. We assess the school’s infrastructure and give you an estimate of what is needed to get this program going
  3. We set up a SchoolWiFi with Math or English programs
  4. We register students into the program and set up all the accounts needed to allow learning to begin
  5. We provide initial training to teachers along with a timetable to follow
  6. Students learn and you get the data on the results!
Partnering with us enables companies to support education in a way that’s impactful, sustainable, replicable


  1. Partnering with us enables companies to support education in a way that’s impactful, sustainable, replicable
  2. Built in measurement through embedded assessments and rigorous impact methodology
  3. Multidimensional impact: education, empowering women, promoting equality


  1. Natural exit for CSR: initial investment in Y1 then schools build in budget to perpetuate
  2. Delivery model is inherently sustainable, but needs quality built into every school
  3. SchoolWifi can be branded with supporting companies –communities remember who contributed to learning


  1. Technology platform enables scaled delivery at low cost for key hardware and software
  2. Teacher training and school implementation support are structured, scalable processes
  3. Large number of schools already asking for SchoolWiFi
  4. CSR investments can be sized to serve one school or many
Globally recognised

Won the DBS – NUS Social Venture challenge Asia, NASSCOM Social Innovation Award, Echoing Green Fellowship.


Our team of education experts can help you tailor the learning platform to your needs