A learning platform that puts you in charge!

We understand that teachers need to be in control of the classroom and that students need to be in control of the pace at which they learn.

Classroom Model

In the Zaya Blended Learning model, every class begins with Whole Class Instruction from a teacher. Students then rotate between two Zaya Lab stations: Tech and Activity. Students engage with the same learning objective at each station, reinforcing the learning and increasing student’s retention.

Lab Model

Schools with an existing computer lab may opt to use the Lab Model. In the Lab Model, students move to the computer lab to engage with the Tech Station resources after every two or three lessons. Zaya can train a teaching assistant to supervise students in the lab and work with school administrators to create a timetable that accommodates lab periods.

Activity Station

At the Activity Station, students work with their peers to complete a hands on activity or workbook.  With children focused on these tasks, teachers have the opportunity to closely observe children’s work and pull out students for small group or 1:1 intervention. As teachers become more comfortable with rotation, they can create a third station for this small group intervention.

Technology Station

While at the Tech Station, students engage with video and game content on tablets or computers connected to the Zaya ClassCloud. Students also work through Practice problems that are scaffolded with built-in Help and Hints. Finally, students take daily or weekly Quizzes that provide real time learning analytics to teachers.

See blended Learning in Action !!

  • Working Computer Lab/ Tablets
  • Zaya ClassCloud or Internet to access Zaya Learn
  • 2 hours / week / subject / student
  • Willingness to change your timetable
  • Teacher and Teaching Assistant
  • Electricity


Our team of education experts can help you tailor the learning platform to your needs.