Who are we?

Zaya Learning Labs is an organisation built on a mission to change the education landscape around the world by building products that help students learn better.

Our Mission
  • Connect 50,000 schools and 50 million students by providing them access to curated, digital content through a safe and secured WiFi network specifically designed for classrooms and schools with limited or no-internet connectivity.  
Our Vision

Provide free, usable and data-driven content to students in-classroom around India.

  • We believe that the first step to levelling the playing field is by ensuring that every student, teacher and school leader irrespective of their location, or income level can have the same access to online resources free or at a very low cost.

We started in 2012 through a non-profit organization known as Teach A Class Foundation in San Francisco, USA. After spending initial years in Mongolia and Indonesia piloting his ideas for bringing online education resources to orphans, our founder, Neil D’souza started a social enterprise in 2013 in India along with the Foundation. He named it after his first and most promising student, Airun Zaya.

In Mongolian, Zaya means “destiny.” We are a team of motivated educators, technologists, and social drivers who want to empower every child to achieve their destiny through education.

Our Approach

Google works toward an ambitious goal: to organize the world’s information for online consumers. Our goal may be even more ambitious. We are working to bring the world’s best content and curriculum to low-income learners across the world. While efforts like Khan Academy have created a mass of high-quality educational content, this content rarely reaches low-income students in developing countries. The lack of connectivity, teachers with little technological familiarity, and difficulties working in existing classroom structures have so far been blocking educational institutions from benefitting from these resources.

This is where we come in. We have developed an end-to-end, literacy and blended learning solutions for the low-income Indian market. What is special about that?

    • Know how your students perform – every day. Built-in pre- and post-assessments covering every single learning objective of the Indian national curriculum in Maths and Science broken down and mapped on a per-lesson basis give you the power to act before the achievement gap emerges.
    • Benefit from digital content. Get World-class content through partnerships with top content creators all tagged to micro-objectives within the Indian curriculum
    • Our technology works – no matter where you are. Our technology can be used even by schools with no or limited internet connectivity and unstable power supply through the SchoolWifi that stores and deploys content on-and-off-line within a localised hotspot
    • Technology does not replace the teacher. We support teachers in school through professional training and coaching to enable the teacher benefit from and leverage technology in the classroom to increase student performance.