The Gift of Giving – Joel Pannikot

Growing up there were a few teachers that I looked up to because they were always enthusiastic and eager for us to learn. Now I realize that teaching was probably a lot more than just a job to them, it was their passion.

They used interesting tools and props to curate experiences for us. They tried to ensure that we were always curious and constantly asking questions. Over the years, I have met a lot of teachers who want to do so much more for their students but lack the means to do so.I always hoped that every child had kind of teachers that I had the privilege to learn from.

A good gift is something that makes the beginning of a journey, something that inspires the start of something. For example, an ice cream cone once eaten, is over. A physical object will deteriorate. However, the opportunity to empower someone else or to teach someone something goes a long way.

Gifts of experience have always been my favorite.

I funded a teacher from the Saraswati Children’s Academy in Lucknow through  This teacher’s story stood out to me because I always hoped that every child would have the privilege of receiving an excellent education and every teacher had the means and resources to do so.

I connected with the volunteers at TAC and I was able to learn that this school was so poor, they couldn’t even afford the monthly internet charge. So SchoolWiFi definitely seemed like the best option for them.

I believe that this gift of education will go a long way. Not only will it help that teacher achieve the dreams she has for her students but it will also help those students receive an excellent education.