The Gift of Giving – Soma Vajpayee

My grandfather is the person who inspired me to give.
I grew up listening to stories and watching him think of issues that were much beyond him. He was an advocate. There were times I’ve seen him pay the court fees for people so they would be able to fight their cases because he believed in them.
Our family wasn’t very well-off but he still made it a point to do this.
The blessings for his good deeds are something that our family is still growing with.

I think we should give not just money but time, skill because there should always be this sense of awareness in us. A sense of compassion that there are others that need more.
For me, pure, unadulterated, unilateral listening is probably the best gift you can give someone. The wonders it can do is something I cannot explain in words.

I think we all have much more than we really need. I believe the universe is a zero-sum game. What you give is what you take. It’s a circle you have to complete and at no point will you win if you keep taking.

When I joined TeachAClass as a board member in 2012, I was drawn by the mission to give back to teachers using technology and training. It has been one of my biggest passions and my gift to the education sector. I am so excited to see this grow into a platform to allow everyone around me help teachers and students in every small way possible.

You always win in the giving.