Christmas : The Gift of Giving

As we come towards the end of the year 2017 and we begin to celebrate the holiday season, let’s remind ourselves of the gift of giving. Giving our time, our energy, our resources can help change the lives of millions of people around us. Every gift, no matter small can make a huge impact in a child’s life. Today, we want to focus on one such gift that we received last week.

Teacher, Mr Amit Singh was really looking forward to helping and bringing resources to his children and classroom.  Mr Singh’s students are first-generation learners and come from low-income communities. Their parents have migrated from a lesser developed area and are mostly rickshaw drivers and maids. English is not their first language.

He believes that he can leverage the power of technology in his classrooms by using the SchoolWiFi device. Since he doesn’t have a library in his school or any other educational resources, having an e-library with videos, lesson plans and even books would have benefitted not only his students but also his teachers.

Last week, we received a small contribution from an anonymous donor; this enabled Mr Singh to get access to a School WiFi in his school.

Starting next year he will have access to millions of books, a library, content that he can use in class and tons of resources that are going to make the lives of these children very engaging and fun.

Just like this story, there are thousands of other teachers around India that need our help. 

Through Teach A Class we hope that we can bring about a transformational change in their lives and the lives of their children during this holiday season.

So let us all join hands and commit to giving a small gift to make the lives of these children bright again.