The story of a teacher

Teachers form the backbone of our society. We trust our children with them for almost half of their day, in the most formative years of their life. Yet, have we ever stopped to wonder if these teachers have the resources they need to help our children? 

About 90% of them barely make their ends meet, yet we expect them to come into the class cheerful and looking forward to helping each and every child, except, aren’t we being unrealistic?

In 2013, Alisha was a teacher in a Teach For India school. She had 47 students in her classroom and was expected to ensure that every child got the best education possible. Alisha was not only motivated but also driven as a first-time teacher to make that happen.  

Here’s the story of one such teacher and how her classroom was changed with the help of Teach A Class Foundation.

Alisha knew it would be very difficult for her to spend money on tools and resources that she thought could transform her classroom. Right from visual aids on her classroom walls to make the environment look great, to some educational tools that she could use to differentiate education and engage her students. 

She reached out to us through a very informal process to find out if Teach A Class could help her with some of the technology tools she wanted to buy for her classroom. These included some tablets, some software for math and some educational content. We were so moved by Alisha and her vision for her classroom that we put together the funds necessary to help her and her students. 

Over the period of the year, we kept receiving reports and evidence from Alisha about her students about how engaged they were, how much they loved learning and how much having these education tools made her life easier. 

Fast forward to 2017, inspired by Alisha’s story and the stories of many such teachers that we supported in the earlier years, we thought, why don’t we turn this into an online platform?

Let us leverage the power of technology to help millions of teachers in India achieve their classroom dreams.

So about a month ago, we launched; India’s first fundraising platform solely dedicated to our great teachers.

As a teacher today, you don’t need to ask for money, you can pick from a series of tools and programmes that we have vetted and tell us how and why you want to implement that in your classroom. Once that is done, we help you raise the funds that are necessary to achieve those objectives and the buck doesn’t stop there; we’ll help you with implementation, training and support and all the tools needed to monitor if these tools are successful.

Just like we did for Alisha, help Teach A Class make the dreams of every teacher come true and improve the quality of education right where it matters.