School WiFi is a device specially designed by Zaya Learning Labs for schools with limited or no internet access. It has on it pre-loaded content that is aligned with the CBSE board and other skill-based videos as well. All you need to do it plug it in and connect using either a cell phone, laptop, tablet or basically any WiFi enabled device.It even has an analytics system that allows principals to track videos which are being watched the most, books that are being read the most etc.

We have curated and created 50,000 hours of the best content for Grades 1-10 mapped to the CBSE and other regional boards

The worlds largest encyclopedias now curated especially for schools
6000 articles, 26 million words, and 50,000 images

Storyweaver has created over 3000+ books in multiple regional and global languages.
It can be accessed offline.

Tools for Teachers.
Attendance, Parent Communication.
10+ apps for teachers will be added in the next update.

Cost : INR 50,000